I manage a cattle/sheep station in remote North West South Australia and have been a long-time Leupold VX3 user and rarely buy anything else as have had too many failures with cheap (and not so cheap) scopes in the past, mainly due to being carried every day in a Toyota on rough station roads. This literally shakes them to bits internally but was convinced to try Outback Optics on the recommendation of a mate, and I'm glad I did! I find Outback Optics are excellent value for money giving you quality, features and optical quality and clarity very comparable to scopes that cost twice as much or more. I've been using one (Bushranger XV 3-9x40) for well over 12 months now and has been on a 223 and 22-250 for several thousand rounds and been carried with me at work basically every day and is holding up perfectly. Certainly very reliable and strong and I also find that dust does not stick to the lenses anywhere near as much as other scopes which is a real advantage here. I will definitely be buying more Outback Optics products in the future.

Ash Cooper
Millers Creek Station
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Being a full-time Dog Trapper, Pest controller and Hunter with contracts both private and government across most parts of Queensland, I only use the best gear as my livelihood depends on it. My preferred rifle is a Sako and optics is Outback Optics. My Sako 85 and Endeavour 3–12×56 set up have been with me every day for the past 12 months. This combination would’ve done tens of thousands of kilometres in the front of my side by side or on the handlebars of my quad bike in some of the harshest and roughest terrain Australia has to offer. The endeavour 3–12X56 is still holding zero after 12 months of some of the most brutal punishment you could imagine. “My livelihood depends on it, that’s why I choose outback optics”.

Darren Pointion
Out n about trapping and outfitters
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