Endeavour XV

Designed for the highest-quality optics, the Endeavour range of scopes punches well above its weight in the optics market.

Having industry-leading field of view, which is up to 30% greater than its rivals, the Endeavour will impress every owner from the very first look. The range of reticles and zoom combinations have been specifically designed for the Australian market.

The Endeavour uses 1/4 MOA low-profile turrets, high-quality glass, a range of reticles specifically designed for the Australian market and a 30mm tube to maximise adjustment range and light transfer.

As with all of the Outback Optics range, we back our product with a no questions asked replacement warranty.

1-4x24 IR

30mm Tube
X-Tremefield of view
1-4x24 IR30mm Tube
Fast eyeballfocus system
Lifetime warranty
Illuminated retical
Endeavour XV

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