Outback Optics creator George Barton has spent his lifetime in shooting and the shooting industry. After representing Australia in 25 World Cup teams, 10 World Championship teams, 2 Commonwealth Games and 2 Olympic Games, he retired young to pursue a career in the firearms industry.

George spent the next 10 years working with a number of global firearms brands, including two of the major firearms optical companies in the world. This led to the frustration of having to adapt optics for the Australian market that were developed and manufactured for Europe and the USA.

George’s extensive experience hunting in extreme conditions throughout Australia and his passion for high-quality optics, hunting, shooting and the outdoors has driven the success of Outback Optics.

our design

The Outback Optics team have spent countless hours developing and designing a range of optics that will stand up to the rugged nature of this beautiful country and meet the high level of standards expected.

The range of Outback Optics has been specifically designed and manufactured to the Australian shooter’s needs and requirements.

Not only have our optics been designed for ruggedness, durability, clarity and accurateness, they are also the best value-for-money optics on the market, with one of the best warranty policies to back up our product and give you peace of mind.

our Assurance
With all these factors in mind, you can be assured you are making the right decision when you purchase an Outback Optics product.
We here at Outback Optics hope you enjoy and love our products as much as we do, and look forward to bringing you new and exciting  products in the future.